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Inspire your audience with the technology trends of the future.

Popular themes

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The AI Revolution

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Technology Trends in Mobility

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Technology Trends in Construction and Real Estate

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The Quantum Revolution

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Technology Trends in Education

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Leadership and innovation

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The Future of Work

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Technology Trends in Healthcare


Panel Discussion

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Besproke Lectures for Your Event

Deborah is renowned for her bespoke presentations. In an online meeting, you'll discuss the setup of the event, the target audience, and the desired impact of the presentation. Do you want to inspire your audience? Shock them? Educate them? Offer a glimpse into the future? Place technological developments within a broader context? This is all possible.

With over 25 years of hands-on experience in innovation and digital transformation across various industries in both large and small organizations, Deborah speaks your language and knows how to inspire your audience. With a core message that fits the event theme, and examples relevant to your audience, you're guaranteed a relevant and inspiring lecture.

About Deborah

Deborah is a professor, futurist, and trendwatcher in the field of innovation and technology.

Operating at the intersection of science, technology, business, and psychology, she is a thought leader on technology adoption and resistance.

By combining inspiring examples with personal anecdotes, she helps people gain a fresh perspective on technological change. By sharing her experiences as an innovation advisor, consumer, and mother of two technology-loving teenagers, she connects with audiences, time and time again.

Inspiring and engaging presentation style
At the intersection of technology, psychology, and business
Tailored to your sector and audience
Actionable, with concrete tips and tools

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