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Technology trends in education

Discover how technology can make education smarter.


What Role Will Technology Play in the Future of Education?

Insights into how technology can address major challenges in education: teacher shortage, unequal opportunities, and declining basic skills.

What Can Artificial Intelligence Mean for Education?

Practical examples showing the impact of AI on education, and the questions it triggers among teachers, parents, and policymakers.

How Should We Deal With ChatGPT in Education?

Insights into the advantages and disadvantages of generative AI tools like ChatGPT for teachers and students.

Welke startups zorgen voor verandering in het onderwijs?

A comprehensive overview of inspiring startups that are shaping the future of education.

How Can We Accelerate Technology Adoption in Education?

Understand the reasons behind the slow adoption of technology in education and how to speed things up.

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Deborah’s passion for education, her engaging presentation style, and her ability to make technology understandable for everyone make her the perfect speaker for your event.

About Deborah

Besides being a technology expert and professor, Deborah is also a mother of two teenagers. She explains in a surprising and appealing way why new technological innovations only slowly find their way into the classroom by combining her knowledge of human behavior and personal anecdotes. It’s a story that teachers, managers, and regulators in education can all relate to.

Deborah is a popular speaker for Teacher's Day, training days, and board meetings. She knows what’s happening in education and has hands-on experience with digital transformation and curriculum design.

Deborah is a part-time professor of Strategic Design for Technology-Based Innovation at the Delft University of Technology, a board member at Hardt Hyperloop, Innovation Lead at the Centre for Quantum & Society, a board member at Foundation Cre8, and a member of the investment committee at InnovationQuarter Capital, a €143 million startup investment fund. In addition, she is on a personal mission to insert more technology into primary and secondary education.

Curious about other presentations by Deborah? View all presentations here.

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“Children who are now starting elementary school will be getting their first jobs between 2035-2045. The world will look really different then; we must align our education with the future now!""

Deborah in action


""Long after your presentation, people still talk to me about your performance at the launch of the (e)sports Tech Campus. It made people look at change and technology differently. Your presentation style and level of detail were a perfect fit."

Marcella Wiffrie, Strategic Economic Advisor, Municipality of Purmerend

Request Your Bespoke Presentation on Technology and Education

In her inspiring presentations, Deborah combines her experiences as a mother of two teenagers, her expertise as an innovation professor, and her passion for renewing education. She can tailor her presentation to primary, secondary, or higher education.

In an online meeting, you discuss the setup of the event, the target audience, and the desired impact of the presentation, after which Deborah customizes her presentation. This ensures your visitors leave with a wealth of inspiration and practical tools for the future.

Inspiring and engaging presentation style
At the intersection of technology, psychology, and business
Tailored to your sector and audience
Actionable, with concrete tips and tools

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