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Get a fresh perspective on technology, innovation, and our future

Keynote spreker Deborah Nas

I'm on a mission to help people see how we can apply new technologies to create a better future."

Deborah is a technology enthusiast, professor, keynote speaker and active participant in the tech innovation space. Being an entrepreneur, consultant and non-executive board member, she knows what it takes to make innovation happen.

From her earliest days, she has been fascinated by new technologies and how they change our lives. Deborah loves sharing her knowledge on why some people embrace technology and others resist it, and shows us what we can do to apply technology in a meaningful way.

Leading authority and keynote speaker

Deborah is a thought leader in technology-based innovation. 

She's one of the most popular speakers on technology and innovation in the Netherlands. ​Through bespoke presentations, she delivers a message that resonates with the audience and inspires people.

reviews Deborah
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""We received many compliments during the drinks about your lecture on AI. Very well done. Many people have gone home with the feeling 'I have to do something with this'. Goal achieved!” 

Milou van Elburg, Producent

Productie Regio Zwolle Congres

A valuable mix of technology, 
business, and psychology

  • How will technology impact our future?

  • What can we learn from disruptive startups?

  • Why is innovating difficult for established organisations? 

  • Why do some people love new technologies while others fear them?

Deborah answers these questions by sharing examples from innovative startups supported by the latest scientific insights on innovation success factors.

She shares her experiences as an innovation expert and consumer, making her presentations accessible for diverse audiences.

de AI-revolutie
AI Lezing Header Spreker Deborah Nas v1.jpg

popular lecture: 

the AI revolution

A fascinating journey through the landscape of artificial intelligence and generative AI

keynote presentaties

Keynote presentations

Deborah tailors her presentations. Together you choose a form that suits your event, such as a presentation, round table discussion or masterclass. Based on the theme of the event, Deborah creates a story that will inspire and refresh the mindset of your audience!

Watch Deborah on stage

Keynote Deborah Nas @ AMSTERDAM BUSINESS FORUM 2022: Future Focused Leadership
Keynote Deborah Nas @ AMSTERDAM BUSINESS FORUM 2022: Future Focused Leadership
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Keynote Deborah Nas @ AMSTERDAM BUSINESS FORUM 2022: Future Focused Leadership

Will technology shape our future or will we | Deborah Nas | TEDxAlkmaar
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Will technology shape our future or will we | Deborah Nas | TEDxAlkmaar

Deborah Nas - Innovatie: van weerstand naar vooruitgang | OC #87
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Deborah Nas - Innovatie: van weerstand naar vooruitgang | OC #87

Deborah is a regular guest on radio and TV programs and (online) events about technology, innovation and our future.

Watch episode 6 of "Scheefgroei" with Jeroen Pauw (in Dutch):

How can we use new technology for a future

without inequality? 

klanten Deborah Nas: BNN-VARA
in de media

Deborah's book
"Design Things That Make Sense"

"Design Things That Make Sense"is an inspiring book by innovation expert Deborah Nas about the success and failure factors of technological innovations.

Packed with recognizable examples of current products and services and concrete tools for successful application of new technologies. 

" The perfect give-away at your event. Inspire your audience to become a better innovator!”

Innovatie handboek Deborah Nas: Tech Innovatiegids "Design Things That Make Sense"
Over Deborah

About Deborah

Deborah is a passionate expert in the field of technological innovation and how our society deals with technological innovation.

Over the past 25 years, Deborah has worked with more than 100 large and small companies on a variety of innovation projects. She also works with investors and startups to create a strong product-market fit. 

As a professor at TU Delft, Deborah has access to the latest scientific insights in the field of adoption of, and resistance to, new technologies.


In addition to teaching students, she coordinates multidisciplinary teams of scientists in major innovation projects: from accelerating the energy transition to mapping the social impact of Quantum technology. 

Deborah's years of experience in innovation and her interest in human behavior surrounding new technologies, place her at the intersection of technology, business and psychology.


As a keynote speaker, Deborah bundles her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for technological innovation into inspiring presentations in which she shows and explains to a wide audience how technology can be used in valuable ways.

Deborah Nas - Tech Trendwatcher & Innovatie Expert

" I bridge science and practice, making technology easy to understand for any audience.

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Thought Innovation Leader

Deborah's current positions:

Keynote Speaker

Giving keynote presentations on technology and innovation at corporate and public events.

Author of "Design Things That Make Sense"

An essential knowledge base with practical tech design strategies to innovate successfully. A source of inspiration and knowledge for anyone involved in innovation.  

Professor Delft University of Technology

Part-time Professor of “Strategic Design for Technology-based Innovation” at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Teaching tools and methods for technology-based innovation and leading university-wide vision teams.  

Member Investment Committee - InnovationQuarter

Member of the Investment Committee of IQ Capital, a €143 million impact investment fund focused on disruptive deep tech startups & scaleups.

C-level Sparringpartner

Advisor and sparring Partner for management boards, investors, and startups.

Supervisory board member Hardt Hyperloop

Member of the supervisory board at Hardt Hyperloop, Europe’s leading hyperloop development company.

Board member Cre8 Foundation

Board member at Cre8, a social venture in urban manufacturing. We teach troubled young adults to work with 3D printers and laser cutters and coach them towards starting school or work.

Co-founder Innovation Lab Quantum & Society

Building Quantum Delta Netherlands’ Innovation Lab for responsible innovation with quantum technologies and exploring quantum technologies’ ethical, legal, and societal aspects. Quantum Delta Nederland.

CV Deborah Nas

25 YEARS OF hands-on EXPERIENCE in
innovatiON projectS WITH startups,
CORPORATES, AND governments

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