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Discover the future with Technology Trendwatcher Deborah Nas!

The AI Revolution

In "The AI Revolution", Deborah Nas takes your audience on a fascinating journey through the landscape of artificial intelligence and generative AI.

Curious about the unprecedented possibilities and challenges that the AI revolution brings?

Be inspired by Deborah and gain insight into how artificial intelligence already influences our work and lives and will drastically transform it in the future.

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"Deborah gave a great online presentation to all employees of Hub Noord-Brabant. She managed to inspire and enthuse 500 participants with her presentation on technology trends, dealing with resistance, and our digital future! Great performance!

Rion Pennings, Chairman Executive Board

Hub Noord-Brabant

What is AI and how does it work?

Deborah explains in an clear manner which technologies and business models form the basis of applications such as ChatGPT

What will our work and life look like in the future?

A preview of how generative AI, and applications such as ChatGPT, are changing our work and our lives.

How will AI transform our work and organizations?

What AI can already do today, what we can expect in the near and distant future and what this means for employees and organizations.

What social questions does AI raise?

Insight into the ethical, legal and social issues that AI entails.


What can you do with (generative) AI?

Inspiring applications of (generative) AI, illustrated with examples that match the interests of your audience.

How can you benefit from AI?

Practical tips to learn more about AI and get started with it.


Let visionary Deborah Nas take you on a journey in the world of AI and discover the potential opportunities and possible challenges of this innovative technology

Enter the fascinating world of AI and disruptive technologies with Deborah Nas, a leading keynote speaker in the field of innovation.

Deborah's fascinating presentations not only provide insight into the current state of affairs within your sector, but also provide an illuminating glimpse into the future.

Deborah passionately shares the possibilities that AI already offers, what we can expect in the coming years and how these technologies will influence the business and personal aspects of our lives.

A must-see for anyone who wants to understand the opportunities and challenges of AI.

Request your tailor-made lecture on the AI revolution
by Technology Trendwatcher and Innovation Expert Deborah Nas

Deborah is a professor, futurist and trend watcher in the field of innovation and technology. She makes the world of AI understandable for every audience and provides inspiring insight into what is already possible today, what we can expect in the future and what the opportunities and threats that AI entails. 

  • refreshing and enlightening presentation style

  • at the intersection of technology, psychology and business

  • tailored to your sector and audience

  • with concrete tips and tools

“Disruptive technologies like AI and Quantum are transforming our society, driving innovation and creating new possibilities that we cannot yet imagine.”

-Deborah Nas

Watch some presentations by Deborah Nas >>

Curious about Deborah's other theme lectures in Dutch and English?

Keynote Deborah Nas @ AMSTERDAM BUSINESS FORUM 2022: Future Focused Leadership
Keynote Deborah Nas @ AMSTERDAM BUSINESS FORUM 2022: Future Focused Leadership
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Keynote Deborah Nas @ AMSTERDAM BUSINESS FORUM 2022: Future Focused Leadership

Will technology shape our future or will we | Deborah Nas | TEDxAlkmaar
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Will technology shape our future or will we | Deborah Nas | TEDxAlkmaar

Deborah Nas - Innovatie: van weerstand naar vooruitgang | OC #87
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Deborah Nas - Innovatie: van weerstand naar vooruitgang | OC #87

Deborah Nas
Connects * Inspires * Clarifies 

Deborah Nas is one of the Netherlands' most popular speakers in the field of new technologies and their impact on our work and our lives.

This 'thought leader' in the field of technology, innovation and design is a part-time professor of Industrial Design at TU Delft, has set up the 'Center of Quantum and Society', is a commissioner at Hardt Hyperloop and sits on the investment committee of the InnovationQuarter , the Regional Development Agency of South Holland.

In addition, Deborah has 25 years of hands-on experience with innovation projects in large and small companies. With her in-depth knowledge and fascinating presentation style, she knows how to inspire and inform her audience time and time again.

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