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Meet the next disruptive technology: quantum.


What is quantum technology?

Discover the unique properties of quantum particles, explained in a very simple way.

Which quantum technologies can we expect?

Learn about the arrival of quantum computers, quantum networks, and quantum sensors.

What can you do with quantum?

Explore how quantum can assist us in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the threats it poses to our digital security.

What are the opportunities and threats of quantum?

Insight into the ethical, legal, and societal impact of quantum technology.

Who Are the Key Players in Quantum Technology?

Learn more about the role of big tech companies in the development of quantum and meet promising startups.

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Introduce Your Audience to the Most Promising and Disruptive Technology of the Future.

Deborah's work at QuantumDelta NL, her enthusiastic presentation style, and her ability to make technology understandable for everyone make her the perfect speaker for your event.

About Deborah

Deborah is a thought leader on technological innovation and how society deals with technological advancements.

She initiated the Centre for Quantum & Society for QuantumDelta NL, a knowledge and expertise center on the ethical, legal, and societal impact of quantum technology.

The Centre for Quantum & Society aims to maximize the positive impact of quantum, minimize negative impact, and mitigate unintended side effects. Currently, Deborah leads a strategic foresight initiative to explore the future quantum internet.

Besides her work for QuantumDelta NL, Deborah is a part-time professor of Strategic Design for Technology-Based Innovation at the Delft University of Technology, a board member at Hardt Hyperloop and at Cre8 Foundation, and a member of the investment committee at InnovationQuarter Capital, a €143 million deep-tech investment fund.

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“If the promise of quantum becomes a reality, it will significantly change our world.”

Deborah in action


""Deborah engaged criminal justice experts into thinking about quantum technology. Her presentation was both inspiring and provocative; it really made us think about the impact of quantum on our work."

Ester Hofman,
Chair of the Innovation Table for Investigative Services

Request your bespoke presentation about Disruptive technologies

Deborah tailors her presentation to your audience. Do you want to combine disruptive technologies, such as AI and quantum? In an online meeting, you discuss your wishes, the event's setup, the target audience, and the desired impact of the presentation.

Then Deborah gets to work customizing her presentation for your event. Her enthusiastic presentation style and her ability to make technology understandable for everyone make her the ideal speaker for your event.

Inspiring and engaging presentation style
At the intersection of technology, psychology, and business
Tailored to your sector and audience
Actionable, with concrete tips and tools

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