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Take your audience on a fascinating journey through the landscape of artificial intelligence and generative AI.


What is AI and how does it work?

Deborah demystifies the technologies and business models that underpin applications, such as ChatGPT, for audiences of various levels.

How will AI transform work and organizations?

Insights into what AI can already do today, what we can expect in the near and distant future, and what this means for employees and organizations.

What can you do with (generative) AI?

Inspiring applications of (generative) AI, illustrated with examples tailored to your audience's interests.

What will our work and life look like in the future?

A preview of how generative AI and applications like ChatGPT will change our work and our lives.

What social questions does AI raise?

Insights into the ethical, legal, and societal issues that come with AI.

How can you benefit from AI?

Practical tips to learn more about AI and how to start using it.

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Curious About the Possibilities and Challenges of AI?

Let Deborah inspire you and deliver insights into how artificial intelligence is already impacting our work and lives, and how it will drastically transform them in the future.

About Deborah

Deborah is a professor, futurist, and technology trendwatcher, and a highly sought-after speaker on the impact of AI.

She is a part-time professor of Strategic Design for Technology-Based Innovation at the Delft University of Technology, Innovation Lead at the Centre for Quantum & Society, a board member at Hardt Hyperloop and at Cre8 Foundation, and a member of the investment committee for InnovationQuarter Capital, a €143 million deep-tech investment fund.

Deborah makes the world of AI understandable for all audiences and offers inspiring insights into what is possible today, what we can expect in the future, and what opportunities and threats AI brings. The AI Revolution is a must-see for anyone wanting to understand how AI will change our work and our lives.

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AI Lezing Spreker Deborah Nas.jpg
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""We received many compliments during the drinks about your lecture on AI. Very well done. Many people have gone home with the feeling 'I have to do something with this'. Goal achieved!” 

Milou van Elburg, Producer

Region Zwolle Conference

Deborah in action

Request a tailored presentation about AI by keynote speaker Deborah Nas.

Deborah tailors her presentations to your audience. It's possible, for example, to combine AI with quantum, the next disruptive technology on the horizon. In an online meeting, you discuss the event's setup, the target audience, and the desired impact of the presentation, after which Deborah customizes her presentation to your event.

Her engaging presentation style, combined with inspiring examples tailored to your audience, ensures your visitors leave with a wealth of inspiration.

Inspiring and engaging presentation style
At the intersection of technology, psychology, and business
Tailored to your sector and audience
Actionable, with concrete tips and tools

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