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About Deborah

Technology expert

Keynote spreker Deborah Nas

Highly Sought-After Keynote Speaker at Events and Conferences

Deborah captivates every audience with her inspiring presentations filled with easy-to-understand yet surprising examples. By placing technological developments in both a societal and business context, she illustrates what is already happening today and what we can expect in the future. Deborah is renowned for her bespoke presentations. In an online meeting, you discuss the event's setup, the target audience, and the desired impact of the presentation, after which Deborah customizes her presentation to your event.

Deborah’s engaging presentation style, combined with inspiring examples tailored to your audience, ensures your visitors leave with a wealth of inspiration.

Deborah’s engaging presentation style, combined with inspiring examples tailored to your audience, ensures your visitors leave with a wealth of inspiration.

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Versatile Innovation Expert

Deborah has over 25 years of hands-on experience in innovation and digital transformation across various industries in both large and small organizations. Currently, she serves as a sparring partner for management teams looking to future-proof their organizations. In addition, she works with investors and startups to quickly find product-market fit.

With her rich and diverse experience across industries, you can be ensured that Deborah speaks your language and knows how to inspire your audience.

Bridging Science and Practice

Deborah bridges the gap between academic insights and societal impact. In her role as a part-time professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology, she teaches students how to leverage new technologies for successful innovation.


Moreover, she leads multidisciplinary scientific teams that, in collaboration with companies and government agencies, explore future scenarios ranging from new energy systems to sustainable modes of transport.

“I'm on a mission to help people see how we can apply new technologies to create a better future.”

Deborah's current roles

Keynote Speaker

Giving keynote presentations on technology and innovation at corporate and public events.

Author of "Design Things That Make Sense"

An essential knowledge base with practical tech design strategies to innovate successfully. A source of inspiration and knowledge for anyone involved in innovation.  

Professor Delft University of Technology

Part-time Professor of “Strategic Design for Technology-based Innovation” at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Teaching tools and methods for technology-based innovation and leading university-wide vision teams.  

Member Investment Committee - InnovationQuarter

Member of the Investment Committee of IQ Capital, a €143 million impact investment fund focused on disruptive deep tech startups & scaleups.

C-level Sparringpartner

Advisor and sparring Partner for management boards, investors, and startups.

Supervisory board member Hardt Hyperloop

Member of the supervisory board at Hardt Hyperloop, Europe’s leading hyperloop development company.

Board member Cre8 Foundation

Board member at Cre8, a social venture in urban manufacturing. We teach troubled young adults to work with 3D printers and laser cutters and coach them towards starting school or work.

Co-founder Innovation Lab Quantum & Society

Building Quantum Delta Netherlands’ Innovation Lab for responsible innovation with quantum technologies and exploring quantum technologies’ ethical, legal, and societal aspects. Quantum Delta Nederland.

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