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In "The AI Revolution", Deborah Nas takes your audience on a fascinating journey through the landscape of artificial intelligence and generative AI.

Populaire thema's

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De mens in een digitale maatschappij

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De AI revolutie

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Technologietrends in mobiliteit

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Technologietrends in het onderwijs

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Technologie & werk:
De toekomst van werk

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Disruptive technologieën:

AI & quantum

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Technologietrends in de gezondheidszorg

Robotics Engineers

Ondernemerschap, leiderschap & innovatie

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Technologietrends in duurzaamheid

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Technologietrends in de bouw

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Lezing op maat voor uw event

Deborah is a professor, futurist and trend watcher in the field of innovation and technology. She makes the world of AI understandable for every audience and provides inspiring insight into what is already possible today, what we can expect in the future and what the opportunities and threats that AI entails. 

Over Deborah

Enter the fascinating world of AI and disruptive technologies with Deborah Nas, a leading keynote speaker in the field of innovation.

Deborah's fascinating presentations not only provide insight into the current state of affairs within your sector, but also provide an illuminating glimpse into the future.

Deborah passionately shares the possibilities that AI already offers, what we can expect in the coming years and how these technologies will influence the business and personal aspects of our lives.

A must-see for anyone who wants to understand the opportunities and challenges of AI.

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