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Book an inspiring keynote presentation by Deborah Nas:
et concrete tips and tools to make your sector and organization future-proof!


Over Deborah

Deborah answers these questions in a refreshing and inspiring way in her presentations. She builds on 25 years of hands-on experience in innovation projects within startups, large companies and governments and, as a professor, she has an insight into future technological developments.

Acting at the crossroads ofIn science, technology, business and psychology, Deborah aptly makes the link between the individual, organizations and society. Together with the personal anecdotes in which Deborah shares her experiences as an innovation advisor, consumer and mother of two technology-loving teenagers, this helps the audience to see technological trends and developments in a larger perspective. 

Deborah's tailor-made presentations offer an interesting look into the future using inspiring examples of current and expected technological innovations and possible applications. In addition, she provides practical tips on what organizations and individuals can do to become more innovative and embrace new technologies.

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